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Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by

I'm recently new to pinterest.  I've heard of it a while ago, but recently, it has become an addiction. Pinterest is a place to post pictures of DIY's, clothes, food, drinks, inspirational images, things you love, etc. which you can place in a titled grouping of your own images relating to one another.  Others can 'repin' your images on their page, and the best part; not only are the images usually amazing and inspiring, there is a link to the how-to or original image. You can find the pinterest's etiquette here.

Here are just some of the stuff you can find:

How fun are these little art tables make out of cabinets?! Also, if you are looking for children's bedroom/nursery inspiration, please visit her original site here.

How cool is this?!  I am seriously going to be trying this once it hit 'publish post' on this entry!

How about this fun fabric covered baking sheet turned tray!

Simple jar vases made to look extra special.

I don't even drink alcohol, but I cannot wait to make these Sangria Jello Shots for my friends.

You can find everything you've ever imagined and more on pinterest.  Have fun exploring and creating your own! 

But seriously, can't you see how a girl can get addicted?

ps. Please take care of yourselves in this heat.  Thursday is supposed to be 47C here; a total scorcher.  Make sure you keep cool, especially your little ones, and don't be afraid to call for help for others if you think they could be in distress.

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