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diy dresser make-over


Wednesday, July 06, 2011 by

After months of sitting in our garage, calling my name, she's finally done.  This was my first ever make-over, and I am pretty happy with how this $50 dresser turned out.  

This is how I found her, raspberry pink.

Products used: protectant, spray paint, latex paint, primer (+ a foam roller & small foam brush).

DIY Dressser Make-Over
Here is what I did to get her looking in tip-top shape for her great reveal (further below in this post!).
Step 1: Remove hardware. (Fill in any holes or knicks with woodfiller if need be).
Step 2: Sand, Sand, Sand. I used a sand brick, since it was easier for me to grasp than sandpaper.  Don't forget to wipe your surface down after, since you'll have little dusty pieces all over the place!
Step 3: Prime. Since I wasn't sure what type of paint was originally used on the dresser, I went with Zinsser's Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Interior Primer-Sealer-Stain Killer, since I was advised that it will work on both latex and oil paint.  I did 2 coats of primer, just to be sure it covered all of the pink, since I would be painting it white.
Step 4: Paint. I used CIL Dulux that I had at home in Wedding White.  Then applied two coats with a Foam Roller brush (which I HIGHLY recommend since it will make your life easier).
Step 5: Protect. I used Varathane Diamond Wood Finish, Water Based Crystal Clear protectant.  I used water-based protectant since I used latex paint.  I followed the directions of the 3 coats, each within a few hours of one another, that I again applied with a foam roller.
Step 6: Spray paint your hardware. I used Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Winter Gray Gloss.  Check out my post on tips, where I explained a trick for painting knobs evenly.  Also, when painting the pulls, stick toothpicks on each side hole to prop up the handle, so when you paint it, it would leave a mark on the base.

Next, wipe surfaces with a damp cloth once protectant is completely set, line with drawer liners if you'd like and.....

Drum roll please.......!

I am so happy with how it turned out, and how well it fits at the foot of our bed.  I plan on putting some vases (maybe milkglass), a tray, and a picture frame or two on it. And soon we will have my homemade headboard up. Pictures to come!

The moral of this story is; do not let the look of a piece scare you.  Hot pink would have turned many people off, but I saw past that and could see the potential it had, and am so happy that I made it over.


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