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Friday, July 01, 2011 by

I love shopping for children's gifts and toys for my daughter and her little friends, but not at big box stores.  Thankfully Citizen Kid opened up in my city.  They offer natural and unique toys, that are well designed, ethically made, safe, and engaging.  When I first stepped into this store, my heart literally melted.  

Located on the amazing Locke Stree South in Hamilton (we actually used to live just up the street from this store), among vintage tea rooms, bakeries, floral shoppes, bookstores, organic food stores, and restaurants filled with only local ingredients. Citizen Kid is a breath of fresh air when it comes to children's shops.  Every single piece is chosen by the owners, and all pieces that will not only last for years, but generations.

My friends over at Beaux Mondes  wrote this amazing article featuring Citizen Kid.  Norelle is invited to her first outside of prenatal class friends' birthday party this weekend, and we were excited to shop for Avery's 2nd birthday gift at Citizen Kid. We ended up getting Avery (and Norelle) a boy and girl body puzzle.  My husband especially loves these, since he teaches biology at all!

If you're ever in doubt when searching for a gift for a child, go with a classic, education toy, that will last forever.  
Happy gifting!

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  1. YEAH!! I LOVE this store too!! Woohoo!!
    Glad for your discovery and enjoyment!!



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