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keeping organized with a moleskin


Monday, July 11, 2011 by

I never expected that my life would be as busy as it is (all welcomed of course).  But for only 3 of us in our family, and my daughter only being 3, it's surprising how quickly our days fill up!  My husband and I are both organized, but he lacks one thing that I have; a great memory. He's pretty good at remembering most things, but just in case, we have a monthly calendar that we write everything down on, just to keep track.

I have the Blackberry Bold 9780, and he has the new google phone the Nexus S, so they come with great calendars built within them, but I am still a sucker for writing my stuff down. I love little daily planners that I can carry around in my purse, I can have handy to get out with everything in it.

I have fallen in love with the Moleskin Daily Planner.  It's so well put together, with the weekly calendar on the left, and a lined side for you to write little notes and memos.  For $20 at Indigo, and only $10.95 on Amazon, I think I seriously need to purchase one of these!

Life can be busy, complicated, and amazing.  Try to make it a little easier by keeping organized, and don't forget to schedule time in to *italics* relax.


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