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Monday, June 27, 2011 by

Happy Monday!  I promise you that I haven't given up on my two projects I have on the go; the dresser make-over and the chair make-over.  It has been nice to be outside in this beautiful weather working on these projects.  Now that they are both in the final stages, I have been thinking about the finishing touches.  I've also been thinking about ways to make my life easier, as well as make the furniture look more professional.

For my dresser, I chose to repaint the original hardware.  I tried to figure out the best way to spray paint the knobs so that they wouldn't roll around, or get stuck to the paper/sheets underneath.  Then it came to me.... egg cartons!

I used an old egg carton, poked holes with a screw driver, and screwed the knobs in place on the egg carton.  This made them insanely easy to spray paint, as I could get complete coverage, and wouldn't have to worry about needing to flip them over to do multiple coats. 

For the chair, once I staple to fabric to the bottom of the chair, I'll need to do something to hide any little imperfections and corners that were harder to attatch.  The two known methods to me are; nailtrim head vs. double welt cord.  Both are easy ways to get your chair looking like it was done by a professional!

Although I haven't tried nailhead trim before, I assume it's fairly straight forward.  Line up your nails, use a rubber hammer, and use plyers to trim the access nailhead (if you're using the rows of nailhead).

But that being said, I am really leaning towards double welt cord for this chair, as it was done with the original upholstery.  It looks professional, but not too fancy, like the nailhead might look, for our bedroom.

I found a great tutorial on Curbly that shows an easy 'how-to' for creating your very old double welt cord. 

Also, my last tip and new favorite product... foam rollers!  They soak up paint like a sponge, don't leave little fluff marks, and take less strokes. My foam roller is about 4-inches, which can be found at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or on the Shur Line website. 

Just look at the difference from a regular roller (on the left) and a foam roller (on the right)!

Once the dresser and chair are moved into our master suite, I'll be making the big reveal!


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