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Friday, June 17, 2011 by

We've been lucky to have had some nice weather around here lately.  May seemed to be fairly cold and super rainy, with a few of those hot teaser days in between.  June has been wonderful so far, which excites me, since we've had a dresser waiting to be redone in our garage since the end of winter.  We are lucky to have a fairly big master suite, with an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet.  I've envisioned having a dresser at the foot of our bed (opposed to the opposite wall where our dressers are on now), but is has proven to be a challenge.

I fell in love with Ikea's Hemnes 8-drawer dresser early on (when the price was higher), and loved its clean line and simplicity.

But at last, when I compared the measurements to our bed, it would have stuck out too far at the sides, and would have been a little too tall against our bed.  So the re-scouring of Kijiji and Craigslist began.  Boyyyy did this prove to be hard.  Every long dresser I found was TOO long, and I started to give up a little.  Then, one day, I found a dresser that was the perfect measurements! I emailed right away, and within hours, she was ours!

I'll be honest, the pink scared me a little, but I knew that I could prime and paint her to make her the perfect white.  The price was a little more than I expected to spend, $50, but I had to have her, especially since she was the perfect dimensions!  (Please do not mind the messiness of our garage. My husband is in the process of fixing up two bikes; one 1973 honda 750 motorcycle as seen here, and a regular CCM mountain bike).  But back to the dresser; I really like the original hardware, but I have a real soft spot for glass knobs and pulls.

Although I love them OH SO MUCH, they are a little pricey; so I figure it can be something that maybe I'll change down the road.  So for now, I plan on spraying the original hardware in a nice lighter gray tone.  I am so excited to see how the dresser turns out (I'll post photos after it's all done).  I have also been looking for a chair to fix up for our room to have it sit where our dressers currently are.  A place to sit, read, and relax (because if we "sit" in bed, the chances of that relaxation turning into sleep is much greater!).  I'll post some pictures of the chair I found soon.


ps. Congratulations to my friend's Trevor and Nina on graduating today, and Happy Birthday to Stephanie.

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