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Friday, August 05, 2011 by

It's no secret; I LOVE Fall.  It is hands down my favorite season.  One of my most favorite things about Fall; sweater weather.  I love warm Fall day, when you can still get away with shorts, and the cooler pants and a t-shirt days.  Here are some cheap fashion inspirations for this upcoming Fall season.

1. Forever 21 Cowl Neck Panel Top $21.80 
2. Forever 21 Basic Woven Shorts $12.50
3. Forever 21 Knotted Suedette Cone heels $29.80
4. Forever 21 Wayfarer Style Sunglasses $6.80 
5. Forever 21 Sophisticated Briefcase Bag $41.80
6. Forever 21 Woven Flounce Top $21.80 
7. Forever 21 Cuffed Twill Skinnies w/ Belt $27.80
8. Aldo Shoes Masloski Bootie $80.00
9. Forever 21 Olive Green Nail Polish $3.80
10. Forever 21 Metallic Braid Headband $1.50

I really think that 5 & 9 are two items that will carry you throughout Fall.  I'm sure that I will have even more inspirational Fall inspired pieces again soon!


ps. Sorry if you though that I disappeared.  First to blame was a debilitating back spasm, then was a much needed last minute vacation North.

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